About Wislyn

About Wislyn

Wislyn is a security solutions company headquartered in New Jersey, USA. Our dynamic and driven team provides a wide array of security solutions to our clients, including website and infrastructure security, compliance, penetration testing, consulting and continuous security monitoring. We employ cybersecurity experts from different parts of the globe with over 25 years of cybersecurity experience and expertise.

Today’s security companies focus on standalone services, at Wislyn we focus on providing customized solutions for your organization’s needs. Security does not stop after a penetration test or by merely setting up standard rules and protocols, that is why we provide a 24/7 continuous security monitoring solutions along with Wislyn Comprehensive Holistic Approach:

Wislyn Comprehensive Holistic Approach

  • Identify threats: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Risk Assessments, etc.
  • Detection, Prevention and Correction: Continuous Security Monitoring – All custom tailored to the client organizational security needs
  • Cyber Security Insurance
  • Enterprise cybersecurity Training and Documentation: Online and Onsite training, Policies, Plans Procedures and Disaster Planning.

No Cybersecurity company can provide 100% protection against all attacks, but they should get you at least 95% protection, and cyber insurance should cover the remaining 5% exposure – That is why Wislyn is the obvious choice.

The Wislyn team is a dedicated group of security professionals with international certifications – ISACA, CISA, CISM, ZeroSecurity, A certification from Pentestit Lab, CISSP, Microsoft Certification, Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate, VMware: VMware Certified Associate Data Center Virtualization, CCA for Citrix NetScaler 9, ISO27001 Certified Lead Auditor, Masters in Information Security, CCIE-Security certified.

Wislyn Global Outreach

Our founders have a heart for the community and the world at large; hence, giving back is an important part of this minority-owned company. The Wislyn Good Deed Initiative distributes 5% of business proceeds to Charities, Small Businesses, Education Institutions and Developing Countries. Wislyn is committed to establishing a variety of programs supporting Developing Countries like Haiti through its local and domestic partners.