Complete Security Solution

Providing Services, Continuous Security Monitoring and Cyber Liability Insurance.

No Cyber security company can provide 100% protection against all attacks, but they should get you at least 95% protection, and cyber insurance should cover the remaining 5% exposure- Wislyn is the obvious choice.

Wislyn – Our Comprehensive Holistic Approach:

  1. Identify threats: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Risk Assessments, etc.
  2. Detection, Prevention and Correction: Continuous Security Monitoring – All custom tailored to the client organizational security needs
  3. Cyber Security Insurance
  4. Enterprise cyber security Training and Documentation: Online and Onsite training, Policies, Plans Procedures and disaster Planning.

Is cyber liability coverage really necessary for your business?

If your company has an online presence and can potentially be threatened by data theft or data loss, cyber liability coverage would be beneficial and could even save your business. Cyber liability insurance policies typically include coverage for:

  • Denial of service attacks or inability to access websites or systems,
  • Unauthorized access to, use of, or tampering with data,
  • Disclosure of confidential data (invasion of privacy),
  • Loss of data or digital assets (malicious or accidental),
  • Introduction of malicious code or viruses,
  • Cyber extortion or terrorism threats,
  • Personal media injury (defamation, libel, or slander) from electronic content,
  • Regulatory action, notification, or legal fees of defense expenses,
  • Crisis management and public relations expenses,
  • Data or system restoration,
  • Business interruption expenses.

See how Wislyn can help you secure and monitor your entire network:

  • Understand where and how a data breach may hit your company,
  • Consolidate tools and reporting with Automate compliance for SOX, PCI and HIPAA
  • Intrusion Detection and Real-Time Analysis and Protection
  • Behavioral Monitoring, Correction Management, and Remediation
  • Threat Management, Security, performance, and compliance management

On average security breaches have taken about eight months to detect and are frequently found by third-parties.

Wislyn Continuous Security Monitoring is an all-in-one platform that rapidly find and fix security threats and manage compliance standards while reducing complexity, increasing critical application availability, and enhancing IT management productivity.


Continuous Security Monitoring on all your organization servers, devices, complex networks and applications.

We offer 2 type of plans –

  • Annual commitment
  • Monthly commitment

Standard Plan

  • All Security Monitoring Features
  • Ticket and Phone Support
  • Incident Response and Management
  • Free Monitoring up to 5 Devices
  • Annual commitment:$399/month
  • Monthly commitment: $429/month
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Advanced Plan

  • Same as Basic plus
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Free Monitoring 15 Devices
  • Annual commitment: $599/month
  • Monthly commitment: $629/month
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Enterprise Plan

  • Same as Advanced plus
  • Annual Penetration Test
  • Free Monitoring 25 devices
  • Annual commitment:$899/month
  • Monthly commitment: $929/month
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Additional Monitoring Devices: $50 per device.


Continuous Security Monitoring (SIEM)Intrusion DetectionThreat Management and Compliance
Real-Time Analysis and ProtectionBehavioral MonitoringIncident Response
Log ManagementNetwork and Security Monitoring24/365 Security Expert Phone Support
Correction Management and Remediation

* Cyber Insurance is secured through a highly rated independent agency partner

* Cyber Insurance coverage is not included in the Continuous Security Monitoring fees