HealthCare Services


The U.S. healthcare industry is now a major victim for cyber criminals.

Healthcare clinics and patient records, medical intellectual property and research assets are considered to be the most valuable data in the black market. Considering healthcare related personally identifiable information (PII), a single patient record today is valued at least 10 times more profitable than a stolen credit card number.

According to many Ponemon reports, the most commonly exposed data in healthcare breaches are medical records, followed by billing, insurance records, and payment information. Most of healthcare organizations don’t offer credit protection services for victims, and many healthcare business partners don’t have procedures in place to correct errors in medical records. The stolen medical records can lead to many life threatening identity thefts and fraudulent practices.

Wislyn’s healthcare cyber security solutions combines proprietary solutions with the best in class cyber security expertise to identify and prevent healthcare related cyber-attacks and their methodology.

We protect patient healthcare data stored in the cloud and on on-premise software against both hackers and malicious insiders, help you mitigate network attacks, ensure to continuously monitor your systems for any kinds of security threats and help you be HIPAA and PCI compliant.

Our Solutions & Benefits

PCI and HIPAA Compliance Program

Wislyn helps you streamline the healthcare audit and reporting process to help you easily become compliant.  We offer in-depth PCI and HIPAA compliance services to help you understand and navigate through the many complexities of healthcare compliance.

Internal Threats

Network Security & Protection

Mitigate DDos Attacks
We help you detect any kinds of network problems and automatically mitigate all kinds of DDoS attacks in the quickest possible time.

Protect Web Applications
Web applications have become very vulnerable to many cyber-attacks. We would help you detect and mitigate all kinds of web attacks including website scraping and other related virus threats.

Apply Security Assessment Framework
We will help you implement specific frameworks for penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and cyber security assessment to establish best cyber security best practices that can help you avoid or quickly resolve any kind of network attacks.

Continuous Security Monitoring and Insurance




We offer a holistic solutions & services approach which is rarity for SMBs


Our solution experts and consultants have decades of proven cyber expertise

Affordable Costs

We offer the best solutions at affordable costs which is inexpensive compared to industry standards