Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment


In order to gain a deep and thorough understanding of your network and create solutions moving forward, a Vulnerability Analysis is vital. This process includes a comprehensive security audit that allows our technicians to examine all aspects of your network, including (but not limited to): your infrastructure,availability, performance, security and management.

The scans and reports are valuable for planning, and can also be used to ensure that you are complying with both information security best practices and any and all industry regulation.

Once we have a clear picture of exactly what is going on in your network, we can design the best security systems solutions for your business.

Identification and quantification vulnerabilities (security weaknesses) in organization infrastructure, can be performed as an external or internal assessment. External assessment is performed remotely and aimed on assessment of services and servers accessible from the internet. Internal assessment is performed within organizations network and aimed on assessment of internal services and servers.

Vulnerability assessment is usually more helpful than a penetration test for organizations with low or initial level of maturity in IT security. It provides prioritized (based on general scoring like CVSS) list of vulnerabilities for a given scope for organization to start to work on security.


  • Vulnerability assessment: External or internal vulnerability assessment procedures for defined scope using defined tools (automated and/or manual assessment)
  • Vulnerability assessment report and Recommendations: Vulnerability assessment report provides complete information about project scope, tools used, and assessment results for a given asset is scope. Recommendations provide general recommendations for organization’s infrastructure hardening, links to security best practices and checklists for related software